17.11.2017 GOODBYE PARTY! (Warszawa)

17.11.2017 w godzinach 18:00-01:00

Most of you already know we are leaving BioBazar end of November...
To leave such a fantastic place is enough hard to party :)
We kindly invite you for our last event in Norblin Factory which warmly welcomed us during 18 months.
Karim Vionnet, our best Beaujolais winemaker will share with us this historic but moving moment and we hope that you, all friends and customers who made this place as well will join us to taste his 2017 Beaujolais Nouveau.
Our dear friend Zbigniew Kmiecÿ will be of course the main part of the night to warm hearts and bodies with an amazing grill.
So, let's party for the last time in Norblin! But this won't be last Alterwina party, as we keep for you few surprises in the next weeks :)