01.12.2017 w godzinach 19:00-22:00

Champagne? Cava? Prosecco? It can all become quite confusing very fast. Bubbles can be an amazing experience, but it also can be an overwhelming experience when you want break away from the common supermarket brands. Is more expensive sparkling wine better or just a marketing trick to steal your money? Join Warsaw Social for an in-depth and professional Professional Italian Prosecco Tasting experience which will be presented in English.

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How will the event look?

– You will taste a total of four different high quality Italian Prosecco from different areas of Italy. We’ll discover what affects the flavor, the look and...

– You will learn how to check a Prosecco by eye sight

– You will learn how to correctly smell a Prosecco

– You will learn how to correctly taste the Proseccos

This event is a lead on from our more basic ‘wine tasting’ event.

This event will be presented by an expert and held in English.

Time: 19:00

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